WordAi Review – Is it the Best Content Rewriter?

WordAi Review

Blogs are a great way to increase your income and create extra income if you have a day time job. Blogging requires a lot of effort and time and to be successful, you need to produce engaging content. Every website needs content. You will need to regularly produce quality content if you have many WordPress blogs or specialized websites.

Contents take time and high-quality content requires even more time which you may or may not have. Content is essential for any type of blog: affiliate, how-to blog, review blog or online store. It is not possible to sacrifice quality content in order save time. So what is the solution?

Article spinners are one solution. I’ve tried many over the years but most are junky with huge claims. Only a handful of options will produce results you love. WordAi is an amazing article spinner tool that allows you to create a new article in just one click. This program is used by top bloggers around the globe to create high-quality, human-readable content.

Today I will be evaluating WordAi, one of the most powerful content rephrasers and spinners available. This review will cover WordAi and all its capabilities.

Here are some of the things I will be covering in this WordAi Review

WordAi Features

How do you use WordAi?

WordAi pricing

WordAi’s Advantages & Disadvantages

Alternatives to WordAi.

So let’s get started without wasting time. Remember you sign up for 3 days free trial and test run it yourself.

What is WordAi?

WordAi can be used to rewrite articles and paraphrase them. It can also spin blogs and create new content with different words and synonyms. This program can help you create completely new and unpublished content.

The content spinning program correctly understands the meaning of content. The spinning tool views phrases more than just a collection of words. It sees them as living entities that interact with each other. WordAi can recreate entire phrases mechanically thanks to this human-like understanding. This extensive rewrite ensures that neither Google nor Copyscape can identify your content, while still making it accessible for humans.

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WordAi Review

WordAi is an article rewriter program. It can also be used to paraphrase an article and create new content. This content rewriting software supports many languages including English, French and Spanish.

WordAi examines every article before it begins to praphrase. This allows it to identify both the article’s “general topic” and the “specifics of what is in the article. WordAi is now able to generate complex paragraphs and sentences, as well as document-level rephrasing, depending on its deep understanding of the content. Your blog content appears to have been written by someone else because no other computer can comprehend such a high level of information. It can even recognize what the content is and generate high-quality titles according to it.

WordAi offers the ability to make content more unique or easier to read. You will see more content that is more easily readable if you choose more common terms. You will see words and phrases that are uncommon and not used often in original articles if you pick something more unusual. The output quality is superior than other paraphrasing programs. QuillBot is the only tool capable of producing such high-quality paraphrased content. QuillBot is also available.

WordAi Version 4 is the latest and most powerful version.

These features are available in the current WordAi version 4, version 4.

It understands the meaning of every word and how they interact in a sentence.

It looks for ways to alter your content so it reflects the original intent.

WordAi can often completely rewrite phrases so that they bear little resemblance with the original.

Google will not flag the final output as “spun content” and it is guaranteed that it is original.

WordAi Latest Version Features

WordAi Version 4 includes the following features:

Superfast: Version 4 of WordAi runs 149.8x faster than Version 3. WordAi can generate rephrased articles almost instantly.

Intelligently Spins Titles: WordAi Version 4 introduced the most advanced title spinner ever created. WordAi Version 4’s “title brain” intelligently analyzes your content to create unique titles.

Paragraph and list spinning: WordAi can spin more than words and sentences. WordAi can rewrite entire paragraphs and intuitively organize lists. This will help you save a lot of time.

Use Perfect Tense to Enhance Quality: WordAi can detect spelling and grammar errors and replace them by synonyms through the Perfect Tense integration. This results in rephrased articles which are even better than original content.

The new version uses “PerfectTense”, a program that fixes grammar mistakes in articles and content, is available to you if you don’t already know.

HTML Support: WordAi version 4 now supports HTML editing and spinning directly from the editor. With WordAi 4, you can add style and spin images, as well as video clips.

Article Import from Article Forge: You can connect to your Article Forge account and create readymade articles in one click if you are unsure of what content you should spin.

Article Forge uses a keyword to create human-quality content in under 60 seconds.

Bulk spinning: No matter how many articles you need to spin, it doesn’t matter. WordAi can handle all your needs with just one upload.

Four Languages Supported: WordAi now supports French and Spanish. This allows you to create content that is high-quality and can be ranked in new international markets. WordAi’s default language is English.

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How to use WordAi

WordAi is easy to use. Register for the service first. It is not possible to use it until you have attached your credit card. This is a bad option, especially if you offer a free trial. A free trial should not be required, and it should not require a credit card.

After you have completed the registration and attached a credit card to initiate billing, you can start using the program.

This is the interface as it appears:

WordAi Interface

The Interface

Pay attention to these things:

Two side-by-side panels.

You can choose how many rewrites that you wish.

A slider that offers three options.

The rewrite button.

From start to finish, it’s this:

Step 1

Paste your content into the left panel.

Step 2

Use the dropdown to select the number of rewrites that you require.

Step 3 :

Choose from three methods to write using the slider. These options are:

More conservative: This option retains a greater portion of the original words from original copy.

Regular: This keeps things formal while changing almost all of the copy, but it retains the original meaning.

More adventurous: This will make things look a lot more exciting. This could lead to a deviation from the original meaning.

Regular is the default selection. This works well and maintains over 90% uniqueness in most cases. But, remember that the final results can sometimes be flawed because they are written by an AI.

Step 4 :

After you’ve selected everything, click the “Rewrite” button. Wait. It will appear on the right panel once the rewrite has been completed.

The Small Icons

There are four icons located on the right-hand side of your screen. These icons are called the icons

These are the icons that signify the following (in exact order, from top to bottom).

Copy to clipboard – This will copy the rewritten content. It can be copied and pasted anywhere you like. It can be placed in a Word file, a text document, or directly on your blog.

Highlight Unchanged Phrases- Clicking the bell icon will highlight phrases that WordAi has not altered.

Export – This icon can be used to export. This option allows you to export paraphrased or rewritten content. After you have chosen to export, the exporter will ask you if you would like to export the rewritten articles and the rewrite syntax. If multiple rewriters were requested, the exporter would want to know how many versions of each version you wish to export.

Save – You can save the content you have rewritten and keep it online. The dashboard menu will allow you to access the article later.

The Menu

On the left side is the menu. There are many options available here, including the following:

You can also do bulk rewriting.

Access to saved articles via an option

Access the API via an alternative method

There are many options to change the rewrite settings.

Information about usage.

Information about affiliate earnings

Access to customer support

This is the menu as it appears:

Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

Rewrite Settings is the most important and notable menu item.

WordAi will follow your instructions when rewriting.

Rewrite settings

This is, as I mentioned, the most important section of all settings. This is what you will see when you click that menu option.

The options will default be disabled. The dropdown option in the upper right corner must be enabled to enable the options.

After you enable it, all available options will appear.

These are the options that you have:

Protected Words – You can designate words you wish to keep, meaning that WordAi will not use synonyms for them.

Protect Quotes: This option will ensure that the quotations within your article are protected and not altered.

Protect Titles: You can choose to not have the titles rewritten by clicking this option.

Protect URL: This option must be turned on if your original content contains URLs.

Custom Synonyms: You can add custom synonyms to certain words by defining them in the segment. The synonyms that you add are case sensitive and will be used to rewrite any article (bulk, single).

After you’re done, hit the Update button to save your settings. When you begin rewriting articles, the new settings will be in effect.

Bulk Rewrite

This is the page for bulk rewrite:

Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated

You can upload bulk rewrite articles in either CSV or Zip formats. You must adhere to the CSV format if you upload it in CSV format. Anything other than that will not be accepted.

Once all articles are in the correct format, you can simply select the file and select how many rewrites you require. Next, you will need to select the slider method of rewriting, then click the “Rewrite” button.

That’s it!


WordAi also provides an API service to integrate WordAi with other services such as Article Forge, SEO Content Machine and many more.

APIs are useful for creating custom solutions (if youre a developer) or automating different processes using other platforms and software programs.

Simply copy and paste the API into the location you desire. WordAi will then be used by the other program to rewrite your content.

That’s it!

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WordAi pricing

WordAi is a powerful program. It can sometimes produce faulty material, but this is very rare. WordAi’s incredible capabilities have prompted it to keep a higher price.

There are two pricing options. These are:

Monthly Subscription – It costs $57 per month.

Yearly Subscription – This will cost you $27 per month, but it is billed annually. This means that you will need to pay for the entire year upfront. The total amount you have to pay is $27*12 = 324 This amount will be charged each year.

Enterprises also have an additional pricing option, which comes with bespoke pricing. To get their prices, you will need to contact customer service. Prices will depend on your needs.

WordAi Advantages & Disadvantages

WordAi Pros

Simple and intuitive interface

Online access is available from any internet-connected device with a web browser.

Allows you to add your own synonyms.

Allows protecting different words.

Protects URLs, titles, or quotations.

API access to third-party integrations.

Quality enhancements are provided by correcting spelling and grammar errors.

Supports HTML.

You can format articles directly in WordAi.

Allows bulk spinning and rephrasing.

Side-by-side comparison of original and rewritten content allows for easy editing and comparison.

Cons of WordAi

Extremely costly.

There is no plugin available for Google Docs and Microsoft Word. No browser extension is available.

Stock images are not allowed to be added to rewritten articles.

There is no free version.

Even though the trial version is only for a short time, it will require you to attach a credit card.

Alternatives to WordAi

It is difficult to find a good article spinner/rephraser, as I mentioned earlier. WordAi is one option that you can trust. Are there other options? There are. They are:


This article rephraser uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to rewrite the articles. It is very easy to use and does a great job of rewriting articles. It is impossible to understand how it is written by AI.

These are the key features:

Six different modes of rewriting are available (all six only in the premium version).

This allows you to compare the rewrites made in different modes.

You can choose the number of synonyms that you wish to use.

Sometimes rewrites sentences entirely.

You can upload a document to the editor or paste it into the editor.

Allows freezing certain words. This feature is similar to WordAi’s protected words feature.

You can choose between British, American, or Australian English.

It also includes a Word plugin. It integrates seamlessly with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

A mobile app is currently in development and can be downloaded through Google Play Store.

It is platform-independent with a web interface.

These are the problems:

No bulk rewrites

API access is not available (API access was provided previously, but it was stopped for unknown reasons).

The interface is a little sloppy.

QuillBot’s pricing is extremely affordable. A monthly subscription costs $7.95 USD per month. Half-yearly subscriptions cost $4.99 per month and are billed once every six months. A yearly plan costs $3.33 per month and is billed every twelve months.

There is also a free version that allows you to limit the writing modes to 2 and 700 characters respectively, as well as 3 synonym levels. It also allows you to freeze only one word or phrase per rewrite.


Wordtune is your next best option. You can also use it to rephrase sentences and allow you to choose between casual and formal tones.

There is a free version that allows you to rephrase only 20 sentences per day. There is no other fine-tuning option.

Premium plans cost $9.99 per month ($119.88/year) and $24.99 per month ($24.99/month). They allow unlimited sentence rewriting, as well as the option to select casual or formal tone.

Although the rewrites are excellent and sentences feel as though they were written by human beings, the features it offers is still far less than WordAi and QuillBot.

It won’t allow you to freeze or protect words. This is not a good solution. There is also no API access and no way to determine the extent of synonym use, etc.

Wordtune is also more expensive than QuillBot but less expensive than WordAi.


WordAi is revolutionary. It is revolutionary, there is no doubt. It is also very expensive. WordAi is a good option if you have the money and need bulk rewrites. WordAi will allow you to add more content to your sites while still maintaining originality. Plagiarism will not be a problem.

If you don’t have the budget for bulk rewrites or you are not able to afford them, I recommend QuillBot.

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