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It is no secret that YouTube can generate plenty of money for you. Some of the wealthiest people of the Internet are rich because of YouTube. If you want to make money off YouTube as well without spending anything on YouTube ads, then the YTA Method is just what you need.

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have more than one source of income. It is even better if that source of income didn’t require plenty of time and effort. As you stay at home in these times, now would be a perfect opportunity to discover how to make more money.

In this Youtube Automation Method review, we will consider the features, benefits, and drawbacks of YTA Method. Afterward, you can decide whether to go for it or not. Also you can check out Project Next Experience Edition

 What is the Youtube Automation Masterclass?

yta method review

The Youtube Automation Method is a systematic course that shows you how to leverage YouTube animation and make money from it.

Is it worth it?


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Annually, more than $5 billion is paid to YouTube members that upload videos on to the app. That is a lot of money, and you can get your share from that too. YouTube is an excellent means of making money. You do not even have to undergo plenty of stress or be particularly tech-savvy.

The YTA Method is an excellent method that has met with success down the years, and many people can testify to the good it has done for them.

The principles used in the YTA Method are similar to those used in the real estate world. This isn’t very surprising since the creator of the system, Devon, has quite a storied background.

With several streams of income, the users of the YTA Method highly recommend it. In the program, you will have everything taught to you, all with the aim of copying success stories and making your own money as soon as possible.

There are different parts of this method. These include:

OPC Hack

This part teaches you guaranteed virality. The more viral your video or animation is, the more money you make. In the YTA Method, you get a reliable means of dominating your niche, regardless of what it is. It is a simple yet effective method that does not rely on luck or anything like that.

Using other people’s channels, you would not even have to shoot a video yourself before making videos go viral and making loads of cash.


This part of the YTA Method will teach you how to replicate your success. Thus, you not only have a viral video, but you get the means to create hundreds of such videos. Just imagine that! You sit at home and money rolls in.

With this method, you do not even have to do anything. You can outsource it and turn your channel into a money-churning machine!

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 Who is the Creator of Youtube Automation Course?

Such a successful program as this requires several smart brains to become a reality, and that is exactly what happened here. The YTA Method is the product of a trio of budding entrepreneurs.

Two of the partners in this trio of creators initially knew nothing about Youtube animation. All of that changed, though, when they met Devon.

When he revealed to them the secret of his success, they were absolutely stunned. Before meeting them to form the YTA Method, Devon was making tens of thousands of dollars every month just from YouTube channels. The impressive thing was that all these lucrative channels were self-run!

On hearing this, the two others wanted a piece of the pie, and there and then wrote Devon a $10000 check to film his process and teach them what he knew about YouTube Automation.

The deal made was a no-holds teaching program in which Devon would reveal every single thing that he knew about making money this way. And that is what you will also get from the YTA Method. If you are looking to emulate Devons’ success, then you should get your YTA Method right now.

Let us now see more about YTA Method and the things presented by the program.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Youtube Automation method today!

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How Does YouTube Automation Work?

To get the sense of this review, you have to know how the program works. How it games the system to help you make plenty of money without doing so much work.

It is no secret that YouTube is quite profitable. Some of the richest people on the Internet are rich because of YouTube. Each video that is uploaded is a means of making money. All you need is to get people following the channel and watching your videos. The higher the number of views, the more money YouTube pays you.

Now YTA Method automates the system and your channel. Using the method, viral videos are regularly uploaded to your channel, even though you aren’t creating them! If you know ‘Funnel Hacking,’ then you’d better realize the working principles of Youtube Automation Method.

Youtube Automation Method works like Funnel Hacking but this time, it deals with your channels. So how does it work? Let us see.

There are several steps that you will follow, and these steps will help you to make a success from YouTube.

The first step is for you to target a YouTube channel. Now this channel can come in different forms and with different names. The main thing is that the channel is making lots of cash and has very many viewers.

Once you have identified the channel you like, the next thing is to create a copy of that channel. Now, this doesn’t imply that you rip off everything about the channel ranging from the name to the logo. The main thing is that you guys exist in the same niche.

Once you have done this, it is now time to get to work. Hire a virtual team with one job. And what is that? Well, their job is to create YouTube videos with the same title or something similar, thumbnails, and videos that imitate those found on the channel you have copied.

Once this is done, you can sit back and watch the money roll in. All of this is accomplished without you creating any video or speaking into the microphone. All the videos on your new page will generate money for you.

If you want more money, all you do is to rinse and repeat. Look for another channel to copy and follow the exact pattern outlined above to start making passive income for yourself.


Now, the Youtube Automation Method comes with bonuses that serve as even more incentive for you to purchase the program (as if making passive income wasn’t enough).

Let us see these bonuses.

  • In the first bonus, you get to meet Devon. And he will show your team just what to do. Instead of you having to train the members of your team, Devon will do it for you.
  • Another bonus is referred to as Fund for Free
  • The next bonus is Tripling through translation
  • How to get your channel monetized

All of these bonuses number up to 9. Therefore you get plenty of value for your money.

Masterclass Community

When you get the Youtube Automation Method, you also get free access to the minds behind this successful program. On Fridays, Caleb will answer all the questions you have. You can rest assured that you will not be ignored. Each video and question sent will be checked and responded to. You will get the feedback you need that will help you to create a viral channel full of viral videos.

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Does this really work?

Does the Youtube Automation Method really work? Many people have asked that question, and the response to all of them is a resounding yes! You can earn passive income once you submit to the operations of the YTA Method.

If you want to succeed at something, it is important that you are well-coached. Well, that is what you get from the YTA Method.

With this program, you will get up to 30 days of personal, one-on-one coaching from the gurus.

In the past, you had to put in a lot of work to create a viral video. But with this program, you do not have to do all that work. By learning to outsource to a trained team, you can successfully make passive income without hiccups.

Benefits of the Youtube Automation Method

There are several benefits from the YTA Method. Let’s see them.

  • The program is super simple to follow.

As we have said earlier, this program is set up to ensure your convenience. All the steps that you have to follow are clearly laid out, and anyone can follow them. Even if you have next to zero experience with YouTube and all the technicalities that come with it, you can still learn from the program and make your money.

Experts analysis, unlike some other programs composed by people just looking to make a quick buck without really imparting any knowledge, YTA Method is composed of experts in the field. The creators are smart people that know what they are talking about.

  • You save time

With the YTA Method, you do not have to fumble in the dark, looking for a solution to your problems. Even though you might be new, you do not have to suffer a trial and error route that many have fallen into. By getting this program, you save yourself plenty of time and guard against frustration.

Cons of the YTA Method

The only downside of the method is that you have to be online. It is not available offline. Other than that, this is a near-perfect means of legitimately making money for yourself and your loved ones.

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What you need to start the Youtube Automation Method

You do not need prerequisite knowledge before you can benefit from this program. The tools you need to learn are straightforward.

Since this program is online, you will need to have your Internet and smartphone or laptop. Once that is ready, sign up for the training class and get ready for the real deal.

The Cost of Youtube Automation Method

In normal situations, getting this program is no cheap deal. You will have to spend $18058. That is quite a hefty sum of money. However, considering that you can make ten ties that amount in a month, it is actually a bargain.

Nevertheless, there’s an even better bargain. For a limited period, this program is available at a discount. After the discount, you can get the program for just $997. Yes, you are saving more than 17000 dollars! Now, that is an incredible offer! You just spend about $1000 to make more than $10000!

With all the features and information that is provided here, you can be sure that no better offer can be had anywhere else.

What makes the YTA Method unique?

Since there is a plethora of program out there that claims to have hacked how to make money off YouTube with ease, you might wonder how YTA Method is any different from the rest. Well, there are several reasons why this program is unique.

  • The creator of the program is highly recommended and has a plethora of contacts in the industry. Having worked in the industry is a big bonus as the coach knows what makes YouTube tick.
  • There are clear instances of success. Moreover, one of the creators of the program has hundreds of channels that create money for him daily.
  • The YTA Method does not require any experience on your part. Everything is clearly explained and easy to practice.

Our Verdict

YouTube can generate plenty of money for you. If you want to make money off YouTube without spending anything on YouTube ads, then the YTA Method is just what you need. The economic period can be depressing, but it certainly helps to have another source of income that will sustain you in this period, and even after everything blows over.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Youtube Automation method today!

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